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Maurer, Eva - Soviet Space Culture, ebook

Soviet Space Culture

Maurer, Eva


The Conquest of Space and the Bliss of the Atoms: Konstantin Tsiolkovskii
Michael Hagemeister
5. Into the Void: Philosophical Fantasy and Fantastic Philosophy in the Works of Stanisław Lem and the Strugatskii Brothers
Thomas Grob
6. The Contested Skies

Geppert, Alexander C. T. - Imagining Outer Space, ebook

Imagining Outer Space

Geppert, Alexander C. T.


Per Media Ad Astra? Outer Space in West Germany’s Media, 1957–1987
Bernd Mütter
9. Balloons on the Moon: Visions of Space Travel in Francophone Comic Strips
Guillaume Syon
10. A Stumble in the Dark: Contextualizing

Colombo, Pamela - Space and the Memories of Violence, ebook

Space and the Memories of Violence

Colombo, Pamela


Haunted Spaces, Irrupting Memories
10. ’The Whole Country Is a Monument’: Framing Places of Terror in Post-War Germany
Aleida Assmann
11. Haunted Houses, Horror Literature and the Space of Memory in Post-Dictatorship

Brewer, Daniel - France and Its Spaces of War, ebook

France and Its Spaces of War

Brewer, Daniel


The Search for Civilian Safe Spaces: Re-evacuating Nord and Pas de Calais in Response to British Bombing, September 1940-March 1941
Nicole Dombrowski Risset
6. The Anglo-American Troops as Seen by French Labor Conscripts: Forms of Ambivalent Critical Support

Edmonds, Penelope - Making Settler Colonial Space, ebook

Making Settler Colonial Space

Edmonds, Penelope


Introduction: Making Space in Settler Colonies
Tracey Banivanua Mar, Penelope Edmonds
2. ‘Guys Like Gauguin’
Selina Tusitala Marsh
Part I. Appropriating Emptiness
3. Appropriating Space: Antarctic Imperialism

Gerovitch, Slava - Voices of the Soviet Space Program, ebook

Voices of the Soviet Space Program

Gerovitch, Slava


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Slava Gerovitch
Part I. The Soldiers
2. Commanding Officer Abram Krayzman
Slava Gerovitch
3. Construction Engineer Sergey Safro
Slava Gerovitch
Part II. The Engineers
4. Engine Designer…

Larmour, David H. J. - The Sites of Rome : Time, Space, Memory, ebook

The Sites of Rome : Time, Space, Memory

Larmour, David H. J.


A collection of essays exploring how the visible components of Rome - the hills, the Tiber, the temples, the Forums, the Colosseum, the statues and monuments - operate as, or become, the sites/sights of Rome. The variety of theoretical approaches stimulates…

Cavallo, Sandra - Spaces, Objects and Identities in Early Modern Italian Medicine, ebook

Spaces, Objects and Identities in Early Modern Italian Medicine

Cavallo, Sandra


Brings together historians of medicine and scholars of different backgrounds who are re-visiting the field from new perspectives and with the support of innovative questions and unexplored sources Explores crucial areas of intersection between the territory of medicine and that of law, politics, religion,