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Smith, Richard O. - The Man With His Head in the Clouds, ebook

The Man With His Head in the Clouds

Smith, Richard O.


A brilliant blend of biography and self-help, and a bold book about ballooning, The Man with His Head in the Clouds is nothing less than a trip.' --Frances Wilson This is the story of how an uneducated Oxford pastry

Cederström, Carl - The Happiness Fantasy, ebook

The Happiness Fantasy

Cederström, Carl


In this devastatingly witty new book, Carl Cederström traces our present-day conception of happiness from its roots in early-twentieth-century European psychiatry, to the Beat generation, to Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. He argues that happiness is now defined by a desire to be "authentic",

Greer, Allan - Mohawk Saint : Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits, ebook

Mohawk Saint : Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits

Greer, Allan


A convert to Catholicism in the 1670s, she embarked on a physically and mentally grueling program of self-denial, aiming to capture the spiritual power of the newcomers from across the sea. Her story intersects with that of Claude Chauchetiere, a French Jesuit of