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Kernot, C. F. - British Public Schools War Memorials, ebook

British Public Schools War Memorials

Kernot, C. F.


It is a lavishly illustrated book covering the majority of British Public Schools whose pupils made the supreme sacrifice. In this instance it is the memorials, that are in many guises, from plaques to plinths and crosses to chapels, rather than the fallen, which are

Aldis, Marion - The Happiest Days of Their Lives?, ebook

The Happiest Days of Their Lives?

Aldis, Marion


What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘nineteenth-century schooling’? The bullies of Tom Brown’s Schooldays? The cane-wielding headmaster of Dotheboys Hall in Nicholas Nickleby? Or Latin lessons, writing slates, learning-by-rote and the smell of ink? In this lively and engrossing book, Marion Aldis and Pam Inder

Hamlett, Jane - At Home in the Institution, ebook

At Home in the Institution

Hamlett, Jane


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jane Hamlett
2. Public Asylums
Jane Hamlett
3. Asylums for the Middle and Upper Classes
Jane Hamlett
4. Schools for Boys
Jane Hamlett
5. Schools for Girls
Jane Hamlett
6. Common Lodging Houses
Jane Hamlett
7. Model Lodging Houses
Jane Hamlett

Tamura, Eileen H. - The History of Discrimination in U.S. Education, ebook

The History of Discrimination in U.S. Education

Tamura, Eileen H.


“It Is the Center to Which We Should Cling”: Indian Schools in Robeson County, North Carolina, 1900–1920
Anna Bailey
5. Searching for America: A Japanese American’s Quest,1900–1930
Eileen H. Tamura
6. The Romance and Reality of Hispano Identity

Radcliff, Pamela Beth - Making Democratic Citizens in Spain, ebook

Making Democratic Citizens in Spain

Radcliff, Pamela Beth


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pamela Beth Radcliff
2. Dictatorship and Civil Society: Explaining the Roots of a New Associational Milieu
Pamela Beth Radcliff
3. “Measuring” Civil Society: The Scope and Vitality of the New Associational Milieu
Pamela Beth Radcliff
4. Gender and the Role of Women