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Gilbert, Martin - D-Day, ebook


Gilbert, Martin


Failure at Normandy could have given Hitler the chance of continuing to rule western Europe, particularly if the United States, bloodied and defeated in Normandy, had decided-after two and a half years of focusing on Europe-to

Lookingbill, Brad D. - The American Military: A Narrative History, ebook

The American Military: A Narrative History

Lookingbill, Brad D.

From 50,80€

The American Military: A Narrative History presents a comprehensive introduction to more than four centuries of American military history. Presents a chronological account of American military history from clashes between militias and Native Americans…

Rissik, David - The D.L.I. at War, ebook

The D.L.I. at War

Rissik, David


The history comes complete with a foreword by Field-Marshal Montgomery who often found himself commanding the DLI in many fields, from Alamein to Germany via Sicily, Normandy and Holland. Monty writes: ‘It is a magnificent Regiment, steady as a rock in battle and

Dickson, Keith D. - World War II For Dummies, ebook

World War II For Dummies

Dickson, Keith D.


World War II for Dummies also covers: The origins and causes of World War II The rise of Hitler and the Third Reich How the war was handled at home Germany’s invasion of Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, and Luxembourg Great Britain’s refusal to surrender after forty-two

Smith, Graham - The Mighty Eighth in World War II, ebook

The Mighty Eighth in World War II

Smith, Graham


On D-Day, their task was to destroy Normandy beach defences as the Allied troops stored ashore. Fifty or so memorials, dotted about England remain to tell the story of this mighty war machine which made such an enormous contribution to gaining peace in Europe.

Regis, Amber K. - The Memoirs of John Addington Symonds, ebook

The Memoirs of John Addington Symonds

Regis, Amber K.


A Tour in Normandy. Peregrinations of All Sorts. Interrupted Literary Labour
Amber K. Regis
13. Chapter 11: Peregrinations Continued. Switzerland, Provence, the Riviera. Settlement at Clifton in the Autumn of 1868
Amber K. Regis
14. Chapter 12: Emotional