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Edmundson, George - History of Holland, ebook

History of Holland

Edmundson, George


A comprehensive look at over half a millennia of Dutch history, including some of the Netherlands' most important kings, queens, politicians and wars.

Shield, Andrew DJ - Immigrants in the Sexual Revolution, ebook

Immigrants in the Sexual Revolution

Shield, Andrew DJ


“I was one of the first colored gays”: Experiences of Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in Gay/Lesbian Scenes, the Netherlands and Denmark, 1960s–80s
Andrew D J Shield
9. Epilogue: “It was a cultural evolution”: Rethinking Immigrant Sexual Politics

Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira - The Ends of European Colonial Empires, ebook

The Ends of European Colonial Empires

Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira


Imperial Endings and Small States: Disorderly Decolonization for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal
Crawford Young
6. Myths of Decolonization: Britain, France, and Portugal Compared
Bruno Cardoso Reis
7. Exporting Britishness: Decolonization in

Boomgaard, Peter - Empire and Science in the Making, ebook

Empire and Science in the Making

Boomgaard, Peter


A Moral Obligation of the Nation-State: Archaeology and Regime Change in Java and the Netherlands in the Early Nineteenth Century
Marieke Bloembergen, Martijn Eickhoff
9. Meeting Point Deshima: Scholarly Communication between Japan and Europe up till around