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Ray, Sid - Mother Queens and Princely Sons, ebook

Mother Queens and Princely Sons

Ray, Sid


“A Joyful Mother of Two Goodly Sons”: The Madonna of Ephesus and Her Disruptive Twins
Sid Ray
4. “So Troubled with the Mother”: The Politics of Pregnancy in The Duchess of Malfi
Sid Ray
5. “Partner[s]

Cooper, Dana - Motherhood and War, ebook

Motherhood and War

Cooper, Dana


Japanese Mothers and Rural Settlement in Wartime Manchukuo
Annika A. Culver
7. Dear Okāsan …
Salvador Jimenez Murguia, Benjamin A. Peters
8. Social Trauma and Motherhood in Postwar Spain
Lorraine Ryan
9. Barbara Hepworth and War

Cooper, Dana - Motherhood in Antiquity, ebook

Motherhood in Antiquity

Cooper, Dana


“I Arose a Mother in Israel”: Motherhood as a Liberating Power in the Biblical Stories of Miriam and Deborah
Dvora Lederman-Daniely
3. Models of Devotion?: The Rhetoric of Ambivalence and Admonition in Late Antique and Early Christian Discourse on Women

Riddle, John M. - Goddesses, Elixirs, and Witches, ebook

Goddesses, Elixirs, and Witches

Riddle, John M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John M. Riddle
2. Inanna’s Huluppu Tree, Pomegranates, and Sexual Power
John M. Riddle
3. Pomegranate as Eve’s Apple
John M. Riddle
4. Mandrake, the Love Apple, and the World’s Religions
John M. Riddle
5. Artemisia, the “Mother Herb”
John M.