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Higman, B. W. - How Food Made History, ebook

How Food Made History

Higman, B. W.


Covering 5,000 years of global history, How Food Made History traces the changing patterns of food production and consumption that have molded economic and social life and contributed fundamentally to the development of government and complex societies.  Charts

Meyers, Oren - On Media Memory, ebook

On Media Memory

Meyers, Oren


Media Remembering: the Contributions of Life-Story Methodology to Memory/Media Research
Jérôme Bourdon
Part II. Media Memory, Ethics, and Witnessing
6. Between Moral Activism and Archival Memory: the Testimonial Project of ‘Breaking the Silence’

Geppert, Alexander C. T. - Imagining Outer Space, ebook

Imagining Outer Space

Geppert, Alexander C. T.


Imagining Inorganic Life: Crystalline Aliens in Science and Fiction
Thomas Brandstetter
Part II. Projecting Outer Space
5. Projecting Landscapes of the Human Mind onto Another World: Changing Faces of an Imaginary Mars

Lente, Dick - The Nuclear Age in Popular Media, ebook

The Nuclear Age in Popular Media

Lente, Dick


“To See … Things Dangerous to Come to”: Life Magazine and the Atomic Age in the United States, 1945–1965
Scott C. Zeman
4. Learning from War: Media Coverage of the Nuclear Age in the Two Germanies
Dolores L. Augustine
5. “Dawn—Or Dusk?”

Martschukat, Jürgen - Violence and Visibility in Modern History, ebook

Violence and Visibility in Modern History

Martschukat, Jürgen


Table of contents
1. Violence and Visibility: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives
Jürgen Martschukat, Silvan Niedermeier
2. Torture By Any Other Name: Prelude to Guantanamo
Colin Dayan
Part I. Visibilities of Crime, Policing, and Punishment
3. The Visibility of Torture in Nineteenth-Century Case Study

Trower, Shelley - Place, Writing, and Voice in Oral History, ebook

Place, Writing, and Voice in Oral History

Trower, Shelley


“The Romance of Real Life”: Richard Polwhele’s Representation of the Literary Culture and Language of Cornwall
Dafydd Moore
4. Printed Voices: Dialect and Diversity in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Lancashire
Sue Edney
Part 2. Introduction: Oral History

Goodall, Heather - Telling Environmental Histories, ebook

Telling Environmental Histories

Goodall, Heather


Stories of Life, Work and Nature Before and After the Clean-up of North-East England’s River Tyne, 1940–2015
Leona Skelton
8. The Deindustrialisation of Our Senses: Residual and Dominant Soundscapes in Montreal’s Point Saint-Charles District

Lang, Sean - Twentieth Century History For Dummies, ebook

Twentieth Century History For Dummies

Lang, Sean


The 20th Century brought revolutionary changes to our world and our lives: the human population of the world tripled, space travel became reality, two world wars and a host of other conflicts were fought, and huge advances in science, technology and communication resulted in the globalised

Crawford, Dorothy H. - Deadly Companions: How microbes shaped our history, ebook

Deadly Companions: How microbes shaped our history

Crawford, Dorothy H.


At the same time, our changing human culture has itself influenced the evolutionary path of microbes. Dorothy H. Crawford here shows that one cannot be truly understood without the other. Beginning with a dramatic account of the SARS pandemic at the start of the 21st