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Bradford, James C. - America, Sea Power, and the World, ebook

America, Sea Power, and the World

Bradford, James C.


This survey of American naval history features original chapters from key scholars in the field that trace the relationship between the American Navy and the position of the United States on the global political stage over the past 250 years.

Cotterell, Arthur - Asia: A Concise History, ebook

Asia: A Concise History

Cotterell, Arthur


From one of the world's leading historians?a comprehensive narrative of the 3,000 years that have formed Asia's people, culture, and global destiny
Tracing its origins in Mesopotamia to its modern role on the global geopolitical stage, historian Arthur Cotterell offers a compelling, lively,

McClure, Laura K. - Women in Classical Antiquity: From Birth to Death, ebook

Women in Classical Antiquity: From Birth to Death

McClure, Laura K.


This important resource: Explores the formation of classical women’s social identity through the life stages of birth, adolescence, marriage, childbirth, old age, and death Contains information on the most recent research in this rapidly evolving field Offers a