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Leach, Stephen - The Foundations of History, ebook

The Foundations of History

Leach, Stephen


This book provides an exposition and critical examination of Collingwood's philosophy of history, in which Collingwood's views are read in the light of his metaphilosophy. Collingwood's philosophy of history is also located in relation to recent and current…

Skinner, Rob - The Foundations of Anti-Apartheid, ebook

The Foundations of Anti-Apartheid

Skinner, Rob


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rob Skinner
2. Humanitarian Networks and Segregation
Rob Skinner
3. South African Liberalism and ‘Friends of Africa’
Rob Skinner
4. Human Rights and Anti-Colonialism
Rob Skinner

Jones, Alexander - A Mathematician's Journeys, ebook

A Mathematician's Journeys

Jones, Alexander


Table of contents
1. From Graz to Göttingen: Neugebauer’s Early Intellectual Journey
David E. Rowe
2. “Not in Possession of Any Weltanschauung”: Otto Neugebauer’s Flight from Nazi Germany and His Search for Objectivity in Mathematics,…