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Battini, Michele - The Missing Italian Nuremberg, ebook

The Missing Italian Nuremberg

Battini, Michele


The Deconstruction of Memory
Michele Battini
4. Why the Maxi-Trial for War Criminals Was Never Held
Michele Battini
5. The Kesselring Trial
Michele Battini
6. Judiciary Oblivion and the Sins of Memory
Michele Battini
7. A Brutal Peace

Boyd, Douglas A. - Oral History and Digital Humanities, ebook

Oral History and Digital Humanities

Boyd, Douglas A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Douglas A. Boyd, Mary A. Larson
Part I. Orality/Aurality
2. Oral History in the Age of Digital Possibilities
William Schneider
3. Why Do We Call It Oral History? Refocusing on Orality/Aurality in the Digital Age
Sherna Berger Gluck
4. Adventures in Sound: Aural