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Schwartz, Michael - Broadway and Corporate Capitalism, ebook

Broadway and Corporate Capitalism

Schwartz, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Matter for Experts
Michael Schwartz
2. The Growth of Broadway, the Emergence of the PMC
Michael Schwartz
3. The Problem of Nerves
Michael Schwartz
4. Muckraking the Playing Field: Emerging…

Pizzolato, Nicola - Challenging Global Capitalism, ebook

Challenging Global Capitalism

Pizzolato, Nicola


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nicola Pizzolato
2. The Making and Unmaking of Fordism
Nicola Pizzolato
3. The “American Model” in Turin
Nicola Pizzolato
4. The Cities of Discontent
Nicola Pizzolato
5. A Global…

Porter, Glenn - The Rise of Big Business: 1860 - 1920, ebook

The Rise of Big Business: 1860 - 1920

Porter, Glenn


The fundamental and explosive changes in the U.S. economy and its business system from 1860 to 1920 continue to fascinate and engage historians, economists, and sociologists. While many disagreements persist about the motivations of the actors, most scholars…

Chomsky, Aviva - A History of the Cuban Revolution, ebook

A History of the Cuban Revolution

Chomsky, Aviva


A fully-revised and updated new edition of a concise and insightful socio-historical analysis of the Cuban revolution, and the course it took over five and a half decades. Now available in a fully-revised second edition, including new material to add…

Levering, Ralph B. - The Cold War: A Post-Cold War History, ebook

The Cold War: A Post-Cold War History

Levering, Ralph B.


-Soviet relations Features six all new “counterparts” sections that juxtapose important historical figures to illustrate the contrasting viewpoints that characterized the Cold War Argues that  the success of Western capitalism during the Cold War laid the groundwork