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Pipe, Jim - London, A Very Peculiar History, ebook

London, A Very Peculiar History

Pipe, Jim


Alongside the Top Ten Tourist Attractions you'll find curious recipes for cockney food (such as jellied 'iwz'), descriptions of London's 'lost buildings', and lists of royal residences, famous markets and classic film scenes featuring London landmarks. With humourous

Williams, John Alexander - Weimar Culture Revisited, ebook

Weimar Culture Revisited

Williams, John Alexander


Exotic Attractions and Imperialist Fantasies in Weimar Youth Literature
Luke Springman
6. How Can a War Be Holy? Weimar Attitudes Toward Eastern Spirituality
Tom Neuhaus
7. Visualizing the Republic: State Representation and Public Ritual in Weimar Germany

Fine, Catherine G. - Despine and the Evolution of Psychology, ebook

Despine and the Evolution of Psychology

Fine, Catherine G.


Table of contents
1. Antoine Despine: Magnetizer and Pioneer in the Contemporary Treatment of Dissociative Disorders
Catherine G. Fine
2. Appreciating Despine
Richard P. Kluft
3. Preface and Objectives of the Author
Joanne M. McKeown, Catherine G. Fine
4. Introduction
Joanne M. McKeown, Catherine

Williams, Peter - Kokoda Trail for Dummies, ebook

Kokoda Trail for Dummies

Williams, Peter


Everything you need to know about the Kokoda Trail and its place in Australian history
Interest in the Kokoda Trail is growing rapidly among many Australians, both for its attraction as a hiking destination and for its historical significance. Kokoda For Dummies offers a fast track tool

Germond, Carine - A History of Franco-German Relations in Europe, ebook

A History of Franco-German Relations in Europe

Germond, Carine


Table of contents
1. Introduction Old Foes and New Friends
Carine Germond, Henning Türk
Part I. Franco-German Relations from Napoleon to World War I
2. Attraction and Repulsion
Reiner Marcowitz
3. War, Occupation, and Entanglements
Bernhard Struck
4. France and German Dualism, 1756–1871

O'Sullivan, David - Spatial Simulation: Exploring Pattern and Process, ebook

Spatial Simulation: Exploring Pattern and Process

O'Sullivan, David


Its central focus on three ‘building-blocks’ of dynamic spatial models – forces of attraction and segregation, individual mobile entities, and processes of spread – guides the reader to an understanding of the basis of many of the complicated