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Chibnall, Marjorie - The Normans, ebook

The Normans

Chibnall, Marjorie


This book provides the most comprehensive examination of the Normans available, examining the emergence of the Normans, their characteristics as a group, and their various achievements in war, culture and civilization.

Ricard, Serge - A Companion to Theodore Roosevelt, ebook

A Companion to Theodore Roosevelt

Ricard, Serge


Revitalizes and internationalizes scholarship on this most popular and highly-rated American president
Covers many aspects of Roosevelt’s personality and his policies, domestic and foreign, to create a complete picture of the man
Provides scholarship from both sides of the Atlantic, from established

Shakespear, Lt. Col J. - The Thirty-Fourth Division: 1915-1919, ebook

The Thirty-Fourth Division: 1915-1919

Shakespear, Lt. Col J.


Reinforcements, reorganisations, staff and command changes, individual achievements in action are all covered. Finally a table summarises the 2,506 honours and awards and the 364 foreign awards won by the officers and men of the division.

Leibiger, Stuart - A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe, ebook

A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe

Leibiger, Stuart


Provides historians and students of history with a wealth of new insights into the lives and achievements of two of America’s most accomplished statesmen, James Madison and James MonroeFeatures 32 state-of-the field historiographic essays from leading academics

Macdonald, Fiona - Scotland, A Very Peculiar History – Volume 2, ebook

Scotland, A Very Peculiar History – Volume 2

Macdonald, Fiona


Celebrating the many and varied cultural and historic achievements of the Scottish, from the fierce Jacobite uprising to John Logie Baird's insulating socks, this ebook provides an objective account of the nation's chequered (or rather, 'tartaned') history. You'll

Gerwarth, Robert - Twisted Paths : Europe 1914-1945, ebook

Twisted Paths : Europe 1914-1945

Gerwarth, Robert


Moving beyond the view that European history in this period can only be understood in terms of catastrophe, it argues that political stability and regime collapse, social progress and mass poverty, the crisis of European civilization and remarkable cultural achievements,