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Schulte, Rolf - Man as Witch, ebook

Man as Witch

Schulte, Rolf


Male Witches on Trial: An Empirical Approach
Rolf Schulte
4. Witch-hunts and the Male Witch: A Chronology
Rolf Schulte
5. Men as Potential Witches in Demonological Treatises
Rolf Schulte
6. Magic and Gender

Goodare, Julian - Scottish Witches and Witch-Hunters, ebook

Scottish Witches and Witch-Hunters

Goodare, Julian


ScotlancTs First Witch-Hunt: The Eastern Witch-Hunt of 1568–1569
Michael Wasser
3. The Countess of Angus’s Escape from the North Berwick Witch-Hunt
Victoria Carr
4. Exporting the Devil across the North Sea: John Cunningham and the Finnmark Witch-Hunt

Riddle, John M. - Goddesses, Elixirs, and Witches, ebook

Goddesses, Elixirs, and Witches

Riddle, John M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John M. Riddle
2. Inanna’s Huluppu Tree, Pomegranates, and Sexual Power
John M. Riddle
3. Pomegranate as Eve’s Apple
John M. Riddle
4. Mandrake, the Love Apple, and the World’s Religions

Reagin, Nancy - Harry Potter and History, ebook

Harry Potter and History

Reagin, Nancy


Hogwarts pupils ride an old-fashioned steam train to school, notes are taken on parchment with quill pens, and Muggle legends come to life in the form of werewolves, witches, and magical spells. This book is the first to explore the real history in which Harry's world

Lee, Debbie - Romantic Liars, ebook

Romantic Liars

Lee, Debbie


Table of contents
1. Crossings
Debbie Lee
2. The Goddess and the Anorexic
Debbie Lee
3. The Gentleman, the Witch, and the Beauty
Debbie Lee
4. The Governor and the Princess
Debbie Lee
5. Afterword
Debbie Lee