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Leach, Stephen - The Foundations of History, ebook

The Foundations of History

Leach, Stephen


This book provides an exposition and critical examination of Collingwood's philosophy of history, in which Collingwood's views are read in the light of his metaphilosophy. Collingwood's philosophy of history is also located in relation to recent and current…

McCalman, Iain - Historical Reenactment, ebook

Historical Reenactment

McCalman, Iain


From Realism to the Affective Turn: An Agenda
Iain McCalman, Paul A. Pickering
2. ‘…Just as It would have been in 1861’: Stuttering Colonial Beginnings in ABC’s Outback House
Anja Schwarz
3. ‘Recreating Chaos’: Jeremy Deller’s The Battle

Hong, Guo-Juin - Taiwan Cinema, ebook

Taiwan Cinema

Hong, Guo-Juin


Tracing a Journeyman’s Electric Shadow: Healthy Realism, Cultural Policies, and Lee Hsing, 1964–1980
Guo-Juin Hong
5. Interlude
Guo-Juin Hong
II. Style
6. A Time to Live, a Time to Die: New Taiwan Cinema and Its Vicissitudes, 1982–1986

Thatcher, Ian D. - Reinterpreting Revolutionary Russia, ebook

Reinterpreting Revolutionary Russia

Thatcher, Ian D.


From ‘State of the Art’ to ‘State Art’: The Rise of Socialist Realism at the Tretyakov Gallery
Mary Hannah Byers
12. Politics Projected into the Past: What Precipitated the 1936 Campaign Against M.N. Pokrovsky?
David Brandenberger

Jones, H. S. - Pluralism and the Idea of the Republic in France, ebook

Pluralism and the Idea of the Republic in France

Jones, H. S.


Pluralism’s Political Conditions: Social Realism and the Revolutionary Tradition in Pierre Leroux, P.-J. Proudhon and Alfred Fouillée
Michael C. Behrent
7. Utopian Pluralism in Twentieth-Century France
Joshua Humphreys
Part II. The Plural Republic

Bailey, Janette-Susan - Dust Bowl, ebook

Dust Bowl

Bailey, Janette-Susan


Ideas: American Exceptionalism, Social Realism, Women, Deserts, Documentary, Soil, and Civilization
Janette-Susan Bailey
3. Three Dust Bowl Narratives: Farmer Attitudes, Human Erosion, Women, and Natural Disaster
Janette-Susan Bailey
Part 2. Soil and

Bell, Kimberly K. - Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages, ebook

Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages

Bell, Kimberly K.


Medieval Histories and Modern Realism: Yet Another Origin of the Novel
Nancy F. Partner
7. Sacrificing Fiction and the Quest for the Real King Arthur
Myra J. Seaman, John Green
Part II. Medieval, Reality, Politics
8. The Crisis of Legitimation in