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Valier, Helen - A History of Prostate Cancer, ebook

A History of Prostate Cancer

Valier, Helen


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Prostate, Cancer, and the Making of Modern Medicine
Helen K. Valier
2. The Problematic Prehistory of Prostate Cancer
Helen K. Valier
3. Surgery and Specialization
Helen K. Valier
4. Sex, Hormones, and Quantification
Helen K. Valier
5. Cancer and Clinical

Timmermann, Carsten - Cancer Patients, Cancer Pathways, ebook

Cancer Patients, Cancer Pathways

Timmermann, Carsten


Knife, Rays and Women: Controversies about the Uses of Surgery versus Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Female Cancers in France and in the US, 1920–1960
Ilana Löwy
7. Measured Responses: British Clinical Researchers and Therapies for Advanced Breast Cancer