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Lopez, Russell - Building American Public Health, ebook

Building American Public Health

Lopez, Russell


Urban Life and Health in the Nineteenth Century
Russell Lopez
3. Nineteenth-Century Reform Movements
Russell Lopez
4. Housing Laws, Zoning, and Building Codes
Russell Lopez
5. Building a Suburban Utopia
Russell Lopez
6. Modernism and

Berridge, Virginia - Environment, Health and History, ebook

Environment, Health and History

Berridge, Virginia


Housing and Health in Early Modern London
Vanessa Harding
3. Environment and Disease in Ireland
Christopher Hamlin
4. The Handbuch der Hygiene: A Manual of Proto-Environmental Science in Germany of 1900?
Dieter Schott
5. Leagues of Sunshine:

Amrith, Sunil S. - Decolonizing International Health, ebook

Decolonizing International Health

Amrith, Sunil S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sunil S. Amrith
2. Depression and the Internationalization of Public Health
Sunil S. Amrith
3. War and the Rise of Disease Control
Sunil S. Amrith
4. The Political Culture of International Health
Sunil S. Amrith
5. Building a New Utopia
Sunil S. Amrith