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Orlin, Lena Cowen - Locating Privacy in Tudor London, ebook

Locating Privacy in Tudor London

Orlin, Lena Cowen


Lena Orlin paints a dense picture of everyday life in Renaissance England, with an emphasis on personal privacy, the built environment, and the life story of a remarkable undiscovered woman - merchant's wife and mother of four, Alice Barnham - with a central role in some of the most important

Slonecker, Blake - A New Dawn for the New Left, ebook

A New Dawn for the New Left

Slonecker, Blake


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Blake Slonecker
Morning. Liberation News Service, 1967–1968
2. Magic! Uniting the Underground Press
Blake Slonecker
3. “Hello, Goodbye”: The LNS Split
Blake Slonecker
Noon, Part 1. Montague Farm, 1968–1973
4. Down on the Farm: Privacy and Community

Brown, Timothy Scott - The Global Sixties in Sound and Vision, ebook

The Global Sixties in Sound and Vision

Brown, Timothy Scott


Turning Inwards: The Politics of Privacy in the New American Cinema
Joshua Guilford
6. Utopia and Dystopia in Science Fiction Films around 1968
Kathrin Fahlenbrach
7. “Musical & Magical Counterpoint”: Language, Sound, and Image in Wallace Berman’s

Siegelbaum, Lewis H. - Borders of Socialism, ebook

Borders of Socialism

Siegelbaum, Lewis H.


“I Know all the Secrets of My Neighbors”: The Quest for Privacy in the Era of the Separate Apartment
Steven E. Harris
10. Private Matters or Public Crimes: The Emergence of Domestic Hooliganism in the Soviet Union, 1939–1966
Brian LaPierre