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Kinzer, Bruce L. - J.S. Mill Revisited, ebook

J.S. Mill Revisited

Kinzer, Bruce L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bruce L. Kinzer
2. The Father, the Son, and the Manly Spirit
Bruce L. Kinzer
3. Gathering Truths, 1826–30
Bruce L. Kinzer
4. Mill and Harriet Taylor: The Early Years
Bruce L. Kinzer
5. Mystifying the Mystic: Mill and Carlyle in the 1830s
Bruce L. Kinzer

Pauer-Studer, Herlinde - Konrad Morgen, ebook

Konrad Morgen

Pauer-Studer, Herlinde


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Herlinde Pauer-Studer, J. David Velleman
2. The SS Man
Herlinde Pauer-Studer, J. David Velleman
3. The SS Judiciary
Herlinde Pauer-Studer, J. David Velleman
4. Criminals and Spies

Tokeley, Jonathan - Rescuing the Past, ebook

Rescuing the Past

Tokeley, Jonathan


But this makes Antiquity a plaything of the modern humbug - of national vanity, of antiwestern dogma, of political correctness, and the academic's disdain for the very idea of profit. None of which will prevent the looting. The Cultural Heritage Crusade, in short,

Cederström, Carl - The Happiness Fantasy, ebook

The Happiness Fantasy

Cederström, Carl


In this devastatingly witty new book, Carl Cederström traces our present-day conception of happiness from its roots in early-twentieth-century European psychiatry, to the Beat generation, to Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. He argues that happiness is…

Montini, Donatella - Elizabeth I in Writing, ebook

Elizabeth I in Writing

Montini, Donatella


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Donatella Montini, Iolanda Plescia
Part I. Elizabeth as Author
2. The Young Princess Elizabeth, Neo-Latin, and the Power of the Written Word
Brenda M. Hosington
3. Ethics from the Classroom: Elizabeth I’s Translation of Cicero’s “Pro Marcello”
Alessandra Petrina

Meyers, Oren - On Media Memory, ebook

On Media Memory

Meyers, Oren


Table of contents
1. On Media Memory: Editors’ Introduction
1. On Media Memory: Editors’ Introduction
Motti Neiger, Oren Meyers, Eyal Zandberg
Part I. Media Memory: Theory and Methodologies
2. Cannibalizing Memory in the Global Flow of News
Barbie Zelizer
3. The Democratic Potential of Mediated Collective