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Salisbury, Laura - Neurology and Modernity, ebook

Neurology and Modernity

Salisbury, Laura


“The Conviction of its Existence”: Silas Weir Mitchell, Phantom Limbs and Phantom Bodies in Neurology and Spiritualism
Aura Satz
7. Modernism and the Two Paranoias: The Neurology of Persecution
George Rousseau

Kennaway, James - Music and the Nerves, 1700–1900, ebook

Music and the Nerves, 1700–1900

Kennaway, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Long History of Neurology and Music
James Kennaway
2. (Nervously) Grappling with (Musical) ‘Pictures in the Mind’: A Personal Account
George Rousseau
3. Music and the Nervous System in Eighteenth-Century British Medical Thought
Penelope Gouk
4. Le corps sonore: