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Dormandy, Thomas - Four Creators of Modern Medicine Moments of Truth, ebook

Four Creators of Modern Medicine Moments of Truth

Dormandy, Thomas


This medical history by Thomas Dormandy focuses on these four individuals and their "moments of truth" - Laennec, a French physician; Semmelweis, a Hungarian obstetrician; Lister, a Scottish surgeon; and Walter Reed, an American army pathologist. They are not well

Conrad, Sebastian - Competing Visions of World Order, ebook

Competing Visions of World Order

Conrad, Sebastian


Introduction: Competing Visions of World Order: Global Moments and Movements, 1880s–1930s
Sebastian Conrad, Dominic Sachsenmaier
Part One. Conceptions of World Order and Global Consciousness in the Imperialist Age
2. Global Civil Society and the Forces

Skodo, Admir - The Afterlife of Idealism, ebook

The Afterlife of Idealism

Skodo, Admir


The Philosophical Moment in Postwar Historiography
Admir Skodo
4. Revisionist Whiggism: Revisions of the English Past from the Tudors to the Victorians
Admir Skodo
5. The Political Thought of Revisionism
Admir Skodo
6. Conclusion

Brown, Jarra - 46 Miles, ebook

46 Miles

Brown, Jarra


By the end of August 2011 the bells of St Bartholomew’s Church in Wootton Bassett had tolled more times than the residents of this once peaceful town cared to think about, for each chime represented the moment the police convoy accompanying the hearse from RAF Lyneham

Meek, Jeffrey - Queer Voices in Post-War Scotland, ebook

Queer Voices in Post-War Scotland

Meek, Jeffrey


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jeffrey Meek
2. From Sodomy to Same-Sex Desire
Jeffrey Meek
3. Wolfenden and Scotland
Jeffrey Meek
4. Moments in Time: Growing up Queer in Post-War Scotland
Jeffrey Meek
5. The Scottish Minorities Group
Jeffrey Meek
6. In Sickness and in Health

Berger, Rachel - Ayurveda Made Modern, ebook

Ayurveda Made Modern

Berger, Rachel


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Ayurveda in Motion
Rachel Berger
2. Historicizing Ayurveda: Genealogies of the Biomoral
Rachel Berger
3. Situating Ayurveda in Modernity, 1900–1919
Rachel Berger
4. Embodying Consumption: Representing Indigeneity in Popular Culture, 1910–1940
Rachel Berger

Nash, David - Christian Ideals in British Culture, ebook

Christian Ideals in British Culture

Nash, David


Table of contents
1. Restoring the Balance — Religious Stories and the Secular World
David Nash
2. Pilgrims, Seekers, Samaritans and Saviours
David Nash
3. Saved and Transfigured Selves — Salvation, Old and New
David Nash
4. ‘Marching as to War’ — Soldiers and Warriors: ‘Just’ and ‘Unjust’