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Green, John W - Exploring the History of Lee-on-the-Solent, ebook

Exploring the History of Lee-on-the-Solent

Green, John W


Walking around Lee-on-the-Solent provides tantalising glimpses into its past - whether it’s the balconied Victorian buildings in Pier Street, the Art Deco frontages above the shops in Marine Parade West, the airfield with its gliders soaring peacefully overhead, the hovercraft museum,

Lee, Debbie - Romantic Liars, ebook

Romantic Liars

Lee, Debbie


The Goddess and the Anorexic
Debbie Lee
3. The Gentleman, the Witch, and the Beauty
Debbie Lee
4. The Governor and the Princess
Debbie Lee
5. Afterword

Lee, Jongsoo - The Partition of Korea after World War II, ebook

The Partition of Korea after World War II

Lee, Jongsoo


and Soviet Policies in August–December 1945
Jongsoo Lee
3. U.S. and Soviet Policies, December 1945–August 1948
Jongsoo Lee
Part II. U.S. and Soviet Occupation Policies in Korea and the Korean Responses, 1945–1948

Lee, Keekok - Philosophy and Revolutions in Genetics, ebook

Philosophy and Revolutions in Genetics

Lee, Keekok


Biotic Artefacts: Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
Keekok Lee
6. Biotechnology and Patentability
Keekok Lee
7. Homo Faber: The Humanisation of Biotic Nature and the Naturalisation of Humans

Scrivner, Lee - Becoming Insomniac, ebook

Becoming Insomniac

Scrivner, Lee


Table of contents
1. Prologomenon
Lee Scrivner
2. A Modern Insomnia
Lee Scrivner
3. The Freeing of the Will
Lee Scrivner
4. The Narrowing of the Attention
Lee Scrivner
5. In Vicious Circles: The Physiologies of Exhaustion

Lee, A. D. - War in Late Antiquity: A Social History, ebook

War in Late Antiquity: A Social History

Lee, A. D.


The first book to focus on the social impact of warfare and the Roman army in Late Antiquity.
Explores the implications of war and the army in a broad range of areas encompassing politics, the economy, and social life
Pays particular attention…

Thompson, J. Lee - Theodore Roosevelt Abroad, ebook

Theodore Roosevelt Abroad

Thompson, J. Lee


Table of contents
1. The Old Lion Departs
J. Lee Thompson
2. The Great Adventure Begins
J. Lee Thompson
3. A Lion Roars in East Africa
J. Lee Thompson
4. White Rhino and Giant Eland
J. Lee Thompson
5. Down the Nile: Khartoum to Cairo
J. Lee Thompson
6. European Whirl
J. Lee Thompson

Thompson, J Lee - Never Call Retreat, ebook

Never Call Retreat

Thompson, J Lee


Table of contents
1. Prologue: Peace Envoy, Spring 1910
J Lee Thompson
2. A Great Tragedy Impends: June to August 1914
J Lee Thompson
3. A Great Black Tornado: August to November 1914
J Lee Thompson
4. To Serve Righteousness: November 1914 to April 1915
J Lee Thompson
5. A Course of National