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Whatmore, Richard - palgrave advances in intellectual history, ebook

palgrave advances in intellectual history

Whatmore, Richard


the intellectual history of the middle ages
Mishtooni Bose
7. intellectual history and the history of political thought
Richard Whatmore
8. intellectual history and the history of science
James Livesey
9. medicine, science and intellectual history

Owen, Sue - Richard Hoggart and Cultural Studies, ebook

Richard Hoggart and Cultural Studies

Owen, Sue


Richard Hoggart, Cultural Studies and the Demands of the Present
Lawrence Grossberg
5. Richard Hoggart and the Way We Live Now
Jim McGuigan
6. Richard Hoggart and the Epistemological Impact of Cultural Studies
Richard E. Lee
7. From the Juke

Aronova, Elena - Science Studies during the Cold War and Beyond, ebook

Science Studies during the Cold War and Beyond

Aronova, Elena


Introduction: Science Studies in East and West—Incommensurable Paradigms?
Elena Aronova, Simone Turchetti
Part I. Science Studies in the “West”
2. Telegrams and Paradigms: On Cold War Geopolitics and The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Mildenberg, Ariane - Modernism and Phenomenology, ebook

Modernism and Phenomenology

Mildenberg, Ariane


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Phenomenology, Modernism and the Crisis of Modernity
Ariane Mildenberg
2. On Apples, Broken Frames and Fallenness: Phenomenology and the Unfamiliar Gaze in Cézanne, Stein and Kafka
Ariane Mildenberg

East, Katherine A. - The Radicalization of Cicero, ebook

The Radicalization of Cicero

East, Katherine A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Katherine A. East
Part I. Editing Cicero
2. The Editorial Project
Katherine A. East
3. The Book: Constructing the Edition
Katherine A. East
4. The Author: Composing the Prefatory Life