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Sherry, Jay - Carl Gustav Jung, ebook

Carl Gustav Jung

Sherry, Jay


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jay Sherry
2. Basel Upbringing
Jay Sherry
3. Freud and the War Years
Jay Sherry
4. Jung’s Post-Freudian Network
Jay Sherry
5. The Question of Accommodation
Jay Sherry
6. Nazi Germany and Abroad
Jay Sherry
7. The World War II Years

Alexander, Sally - History and Psyche, ebook

History and Psyche

Alexander, Sally


Freud, Freudianism, and History
2. The Psychoanalytic Corner: Notes on a Conversation with Peter Gay
Michael S. Roth
3. Freud, Fin-de-siècle Politics, and the Making of Psychoanalysis
T. G. Ashplant
4. The Narcissistic Homosexual: Genealogy of a

Schaffner, Anna Katharina - Modernism and Perversion, ebook

Modernism and Perversion

Schaffner, Anna Katharina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anna Katharina Schaffner
Part I. The Perversions in Sexology
2. The Birth of a Science: From Masturbation Theory to Krafft-Ebing
Anna Katharina Schaffner
3. The French Scene: Degeneration Theory and the Invention of Fetishism
Anna Katharina Schaffner
4. Sexology

Mahone, Sloan - Psychiatry and Empire, ebook

Psychiatry and Empire

Mahone, Sloan


The ‘Godless’ Freud and his Indian Friends: An Indian Agenda for Psychoanalysis
Shruti Kapila
7. Mapother of the Maudsley and Psychiatry at the End of the Raj
James H. Mills, Sanjeev Jain
8. The Nature of the Native Mind: Contested Views of Dutch

Damousi, Joy - The Transnational Unconscious, ebook

The Transnational Unconscious

Damousi, Joy


Fascism Becomes Desire: On Freud, Mussolini and Transnational Politics
Federico Finchelstein
Section 3. The Transnational Diffusion of Psychoanalysis
6. The Travelling Psychoanalyst: Andrew Peto and Transnational Explorations of Psychoanalysis in Budapest,