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Bodemann, Y. Michal - The New German Jewry and the European Context, ebook

The New German Jewry and the European Context

Bodemann, Y. Michal


Introduction: the Return of the European Jewish Diaspora
Y. Michal Bodemann
Part I. A European Jewish Space?
2. Can One Reconcile the Jewish World and Europe?
Diana Pinto
3. Residues of Empire: the Paradigmatic Meaning of Jewish Trans-territorial

Geary, Michael J. - Enlarging the European Union, ebook

Enlarging the European Union

Geary, Michael J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael J. Geary
2. The Commission and Britain’s First Application
Michael J. Geary
3. The Commission and the Irish Application
Michael J. Geary
4. From Veto to Veto: Britain and the Commission

Griffin, Roger - The Sacred in Twentieth-Century Politics, ebook

The Sacred in Twentieth-Century Politics

Griffin, Roger


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Evolutions and Convolutions of Political Religion
Roger Griffin
Part I. Conceptualizing Political Religion
2. On the Heuristic Value of the Concept of Political Religion and Its Application

Thomson, Guy - The Birth of Modern Politics in Spain, ebook

The Birth of Modern Politics in Spain

Thomson, Guy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Guy Thomson
Part I. Party, Town and the Culture of Clandestinity, 1843–1861
2. The Bienio Progresista in Eastern Andalucía, 1854–1856
Guy Thomson
3. The Moderado Restoration and Democrat Conspiracy,…