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Körber, Lill-Ann - Arctic Environmental Modernities, ebook

Arctic Environmental Modernities

Körber, Lill-Ann


Introduction: Arctic Modernities, Environmental Politics, and the Era of the Anthropocene
Lill-Ann Körber, Scott MacKenzie, Anna Westerståhl Stenport
2. The Disappearing Arctic? Scientific Narrative, Environmental

Howkins, Adrian - The Polar Regions: An Environmental History, ebook

The Polar Regions: An Environmental History

Howkins, Adrian


The environmental histories of the Arctic and Antarctica are characterised by contrast and contradiction. These are places that have witnessed some of the worst environmental degradation in recent history. But they are also the locations of some of the

Sörlin, Sverker - Nature’s End, ebook

Nature’s End

Sörlin, Sverker


Imperialism, Intellectual Networks, and Environmental Change; Unearthing the Origins and Evolution of Global Environmental History
Richard Grove, Vinita Damodaran
3. Separation, Proprietorship and Community in the History of Conservation
William M. Adams

Kaufman, Frederick - Bet the Farm: How Food Stopped Being Food, ebook

Bet the Farm: How Food Stopped Being Food

Kaufman, Frederick


Visits the front lines of the food supply system and food politics as Kaufman visits farms, food science research labs, agribusiness giants, the United Nations, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and moreExplains how food has been financialized and the powerful consequences

Bailey, Janette-Susan - Dust Bowl, ebook

Dust Bowl

Bailey, Janette-Susan


The Australian Constitution and State Politics: Creeping Deserts and Human Extinction in “Dust Bowl” Warnings of Impending Doom
Janette-Susan Bailey
6. Dust Storms and “the Despair of the Housewife”: War-Time Wind Erosion as “Natural Disaster”

Crowson, Nick - NGOs in Contemporary Britain, ebook

NGOs in Contemporary Britain

Crowson, Nick


The Sphere of Sexual Politics: The Abortion Law Reform Association, 1930s to 1960s
Stephen Brooke
6. Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual NGOs in Britain: Past, Present and Future
Matthew Waites
7. Human Rights Campaigns in Modern Britain
Tom Buchanan

Berger, Stefan - The Transnational Activist, ebook

The Transnational Activist

Berger, Stefan


Activism in the Antipodes: Transnational Quaker Humanitarianism and the Troubled Politics of Compassion in the Early Nineteenth Century
Penelope Edmonds
3. Not a Man of His Own Time: Roger Casement and Transnational Activism
Mariana Bolfarine
4. Empire

Hooper, Glenn - Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland, ebook

Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland

Hooper, Glenn


Welsh Heritage and Cultural Tourism: Engendering Community Regeneration and Environmental Sustainability in the Lower Swansea Valley
Kathryn E. Flynn
8. Rural Heritage and Tourism in Ireland: A Co. Mayo Case Study
Catherine Kelly
9. Interpreting Cultural