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Meskell, Lynn - Global Heritage: A Reader, ebook

Global Heritage: A Reader

Meskell, Lynn


Global Heritage: A Reader examines the practice and politics of global heritage preservation and its resulting social implications. Chapters are organized to include a review of relevant, recent literature as well as providing detailed descriptions of

Hooper, Glenn - Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland, ebook

Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland

Hooper, Glenn


Millstone Grit, Blackstone Edge: Literary and Heritage Tourism in the South Pennines, England
Karl Spracklen
6. Transforming Waterways: The Tourism-Based Regeneration of Canals in Scotland
J. John Lennon
7. Welsh Heritage

Schildgen, Brenda Deen - Heritage or Heresy, ebook

Heritage or Heresy

Schildgen, Brenda Deen


From Local Culture to World Heritage: CÓrdoba’s Mosque/Cathedral
Brenda Deen Schildgen
6. York Minster: From Local to National Preservation
Brenda Deen Schildgen
7. Making the French Nation: Liberating France, AbbÉ GrÉGoire, and the Patrimony of

Kleist, J. Olaf - Political Memories and Migration, ebook

Political Memories and Migration

Kleist, J. Olaf


Table of contents
1. Memories and Migration: Politics of Belonging
J. Olaf Kleist
2. Australia Day from Colony to Citizenship: 1788–1948
J. Olaf Kleist
3. Australia Day from Citizenship to Multiculturalism: 1948–1988
J. Olaf…