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Bailey, Ted - A Major soldier, ebook

A Major soldier

Bailey, Ted


It is a touching personal story which starts with a dramatic rescue and youthful memories of this quiet man and along the way unearths an unknown family and a brother killed in action. With the men of Essex, we relive the gross horrors of the now infamous campaigns

English, Ian - Assisted Passage, ebook

Assisted Passage

English, Ian


Along with many other Allied officers, English took advantage of the chaos to escape from captivity, and, as his sub-title modestly puts it to 'walk to freedom'. He admits that he owed that freedom to the help and hospitality of many ordinary Italians who aided him

Selverstone, Marc J. - A Companion to John F. Kennedy, ebook

A Companion to John F. Kennedy

Selverstone, Marc J.


Features original contributions from leading Kennedy scholarsReassesses  Kennedy, his administration, and the era of the New FrontierReconsiders relevant Kennedy scholarship and points to new avenues of researchConsiders the major crises faced by Kennedy, along

Goodall, Heather - Telling Environmental Histories, ebook

Telling Environmental Histories

Goodall, Heather


“Another Weed Will Come Along”: Attitudes to Weeds, Land and Community in the Victorian Mallee
Karen Twigg
10. Famine and Elephants: Remembering Place-Making Along Travancore’s Forest Fringe
Meera Anna Oommen

Buchenau, J?rgen - The Last Caudillo: Alvaro Obregn and the Mexican Revolution, ebook

The Last Caudillo: Alvaro Obregn and the Mexican Revolution

Buchenau, J?rgen


The Last Caudillo presents a brief biography of the life and times of General Alvaro Obregón, along with new insights into the Mexican Revolution and authoritarian rule in Latin America. Features a succinct biography of the life and times of a fascinating figure in Mexico's revolutionary

Malcolmson, Patricia - Me and My Hair, ebook

Me and My Hair

Malcolmson, Patricia


In this fascinating book, Patricia Malcolmson examines how British women over the past 150 years have managed their hair, from the extravagant styles of the late nineteenth century to the ‘anything goes’ attitude of today, taking in along the way the daring bobs

Arscott, David - Rations, A Very Peculiar History, ebook

Rations, A Very Peculiar History

Arscott, David


Featuring incredible food-and-energy-saving recipes used at the time, along with quotes from survivors, 'Rations: A Very Peculiar History' will transport you back to a time when even Buckingham Palace and the Ritz hotel weren't above swapping a bit of venison for a