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Mangala, Jack - Africa and its Global Diaspora, ebook

Africa and its Global Diaspora

Mangala, Jack


Diaspora Engagement in National Context
3. Morocco and Diaspora Engagement: A Contemporary Portrait
Leila Hanafi, Danielle Hites
4. Engaging with Its Diaspora: The Case of Senegal
Sorana Toma
5. Nigeria: Diaspora

Pack, Sasha D. - Tourism and Dictatorship, ebook

Tourism and Dictatorship

Pack, Sasha D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sasha D. Pack
2. Travel and Tourism in Spanish History
Sasha D. Pack
3. Tourism and International Engagement, 1945–1957
Sasha D. Pack
4. From Nationalist Propaganda to Consumer Diplomacy
Sasha D. Pack
5. Breakthrough, 1957–1962
Sasha D. Pack

Norman, C. B. - Battle Honours of the British Army (1911), ebook

Battle Honours of the British Army (1911)

Norman, C. B.


Each section contains brief accounts of every major engagement of the campaign concerned, with tables showing the casualties - officers and men - killed and wounded. The whole work is supplemented with full indexes, as well as maps and illustrations. This is a volume

Raines, Sir Julius - The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment in Central India, ebook

The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment in Central India

Raines, Sir Julius


The Derbyshires took part in engagements against the mutineers at Rowa and Awah; captured Chundaree and were present at the Battle of Kotah-ki-Serai. Finally, they took part in the capture of Gawlior and closed the campaign by defeating the mutineers at Powree, Beejapore

Cederström, Carl - The Happiness Fantasy, ebook

The Happiness Fantasy

Cederström, Carl


There is a vision of the good life which promotes deeper engagement with the world and our place within it, over the individualism and hedonism of previous generations. Guided by this more egalitarian worldview, we can reinvent ourselves and our societies.

Mauldin, Erin Stewart - A Companion to Global Environmental History, ebook

A Companion to Global Environmental History

Mauldin, Erin Stewart

From 40,50€

Combines temporal, geographic, thematic and contextual approaches from prehistory to the present day Explores environmental thought and action around the world, to give readers a cultural, intellectual and political context for engagement with the environment in modern