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Bianco, Joseph - Maintaining Minority Languages in Transnational Contexts, ebook

Maintaining Minority Languages in Transnational Contexts

Bianco, Joseph


Table of contents
1. Managing and Maintaining Minority Languages in the Era of Globalization: Challenges for Europe and Australia
Anne Pauwels
Part I. Demography and Meaning
2. Community Languages and the 2001 Australian Census
Sandra Kipp
3. Comparative Perspectives on Immigrant Minority Languages in Multicultural

Jule, Allyson - Language and Religious Identity, ebook

Language and Religious Identity

Jule, Allyson


Testimonies and the Expansion of Women’s Roles in a Transnational Mexican Parish
Ethan Philip Sharp
3. The Interplay of Language, Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender: A Case Study of Hispanic Churches in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Neryamn Rivera Nieves, Roxana