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Lacorte, Manel - Multiliteracies Pedagogy and Language Learning, ebook

Multiliteracies Pedagogy and Language Learning

Lacorte, Manel


A Match Made in Heaven: An Introduction to Learning by Design and Its Role in Heritage Language Education
Gabriela C. Zapata
2. Designing a Comprehensive Curriculum for Advanced Spanish Heritage Learners: Contributions from the Multiliteracies Framework

Nunan, David - Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, ebook

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching

Nunan, David


Assessment for Learning in English Language Classrooms in China: Contexts, Problems, and Solutions
Jun Liu, Yueting Xu
3. Learning to Speak in an Exam-Focused World: A Study of Independent Language Learning in China
Don Snow, Olivia Sun, Xu Li
4. Innovations

Williams, Kathy - Giochiamo Tutti Insieme, ebook

Giochiamo Tutti Insieme

Williams, Kathy

From 15,00€

Giochiamo Tutti Insieme contains 20 easy-to-play photocopiable games that are a fun way to practise speaking and listening to Italian. Children will practise speaking and listening without realizing it! The games are flexible and can easily be adapted…

Dudeney, Gavin - Learning English as a Foreign Language For Dummies, ebook

Learning English as a Foreign Language For Dummies

Dudeney, Gavin


Do you know a bit of English, and want to improve without a teacher? Whether you're a student, a traveller, or you just want to learn basic English, this plain-speaking guide will help you pick up the essentials so you'll be understanding and speaking English in no time. Improve your grammar,

Rice-Jones, Maria - Unforgettable French, ebook

Unforgettable French

Rice-Jones, Maria

From 16,50€

These tried-and-tested memory tricks help to explain “tricky” bits and make learning easier. The memory tricks in are presented in a highly visual, page-by-page format. The sheets can be enlarged to make mini-posters or used as “aide-mémoires”.