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Gray, John - Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Materials, ebook

Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Materials

Gray, John


Critically Evaluating Materials for CLIL: Practitioners’ Practices and Perspectives
Tom Morton
7. Communicating Constructions of Frenchness through Language Coursebooks: A Comparison
Simon Coffey
8. Spanish Imagined: Political and Subjective Approaches

Ball, Martin J. - The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics, ebook

The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics

Ball, Martin J.


The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics is an original, in-depth survey of the field for students and practitioners of speech-language pathology, linguistics, psychology, and education.
Brings together an international team of contributors to create an original and in-depth survey of this

Scollon, Ron - Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach, ebook

Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach

Scollon, Ron


Grounded in interactional sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, this work integrates theoretical principles and methodological advice, presenting students, researchers, and practitioners with a comprehensive and unified resource. Features new original theory,

Hale, Sandra Beatriz - Community Interpreting, ebook

Community Interpreting

Hale, Sandra Beatriz


The Practitioners’ Voices: Views, Perceptions and Expectations from Legal, Medical and Interpreting Practitioners
Sandra Beatriz Hale
6. Community Interpreting Training
Sandra Beatriz Hale
Part III. Research into Community Interpreting
7. Main