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Kwakernaak, Margreet - Dutch For Dummies, ebook

Dutch For Dummies

Kwakernaak, Margreet


Dutch is spoken by 23 million people, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium, and is an official EU language. For English speakers, written Dutch can be fairly straightforward to pick up, although the pronunciation can be more of a challenge.
This simple guidebook and audio CD covers

Cobley, Paul - Cultural Implications of Biosemiotics, ebook

Cultural Implications of Biosemiotics

Cobley, Paul


Table of contents
1. The Age of Biosemiotics
Paul Cobley
2. Semiotics and Biosemiotics
Paul Cobley
3. Difference in Kind or Difference of Degree?
Paul Cobley
4. The Natural Subject
Paul Cobley
5. Ethics Cannot Be Voluntary

Kagan, Olga - Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian, ebook

Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian

Kagan, Olga


Table of contents
1. Non-Canonical Genitive: How Many Cases?
Olga Kagan
2. Previously Proposed Accounts
Olga Kagan
3. Subjunctive Mood and the Notion of Commitment
Olga Kagan
4. Irrealis Genitive: Formulating the Analysis