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McShane, Marjorie J. - A Theory of Ellipsis, ebook

A Theory of Ellipsis

McShane, Marjorie J.


Resolving ellipsis is a particularly challenging issue in natural language processing, since not only must meaning be gleaned from missing elements but the fact that something meaningful is missing must be detected in the first

Odijk, Jan - Essential Speech and Language Technology for Dutch, ebook

Essential Speech and Language Technology for Dutch

Odijk, Jan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Spyns
Part I. How It Started
2. The STEVIN Programme: Result of 5 Years Cross-border HLT for Dutch Policy Preparation
Peter Spyns, Elisabeth D’Halleweyn
Part II. HLT Resource-Project Related Papers
3. The JASMIN Speech Corpus: Recordings of Children, Non-natives