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Harry, Lönnroth - Svenskt i Tammerfors, ebook

Svenskt i Tammerfors

Harry, Lönnroth


Temat för denna bok är det svenska i Tammerfors förr och nu. Boken innehåller tre språksociologiska undersökningar som tillämpar tre språkvetenskapliga metoder: lingvistisk analys av skönlitterär text, intervjuundersökning och brukstextanalys.…

Leech, Geoffrey - English, ebook


Leech, Geoffrey


Table of contents
1. English — the Working Tongue of the Global Village
Jan Svartvik, Geoffrey Leech
Part I. History of an Island Language
2. The First 500 Years
Jan Svartvik, Geoffrey Leech
3. 1066 and All That
Jan Svartvik, Geoffrey Leech
4. Modern English in the Making
Jan Svartvik, Geoffrey

Brown, J. Andrew - Latin American Science Fiction, ebook

Latin American Science Fiction

Brown, J. Andrew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. Andrew Brown, M. Elizabeth Ginway
Part I. Speculating a Canon: Latin America’s SF Traditions
2. Islands in the Slipstream: Diasporic Allegories in Cuban Science Fiction since the Special Period
Emily A. Maguire
3. Time Travel and History in Carmen Boullosa’s 1991

Mar-Molinero, Clare - Globalization and Language in the Spanish-Speaking World, ebook

Globalization and Language in the Spanish-Speaking World

Mar-Molinero, Clare


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Clare Mar-Molinero, Miranda Stewart
2. Forces of Globalization in the Spanish-Speaking World: Linguistic Imperialism or Grassroots Adaptation
Clare Mar-Molinero
3. US Latinos, la hispanofonía, and the Language Ideologies of High Modernity
José Valle
4. Language Conflict

Wheeler, Max W. - The Phonology of Catalan, ebook

The Phonology of Catalan

Wheeler, Max W.


It is the first language of six and a half million people in the northeastern Spain and of the peoples of Andorra, French Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and a small region of Sardinia. Dr Wheeler describes Barcelona pronunciation and the major varieties of western

Sato, Eriko - Japanese For Dummies, ebook

Japanese For Dummies

Sato, Eriko


Learn to speak Japanese—the fast and easy way
Japanese is the gateway to the rich culture of the exciting and complex island nation of Japan. Some people get intimidated by the prospect of speaking Japanese—worried that it's just too complex and different—but these fears

Boeckx, Cedric - Bare Syntax, ebook

Bare Syntax

Boeckx, Cedric


He argues that the domains which render syntactic processes local (such as islands, bounding nodes, barriers, and phases in all their cartographic manifestations) are better understood once reduced to, or combined with, the basic syntactic operation, Merge, and its