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Culler, Jonathan - Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction

Culler, Jonathan


It offers insights into theories about the nature of language and meaning, whether literature is a form of self-expression or a method of appeal to an audience, and outlines the ideas behind a number of different schools: deconstruction, semiotics, postcolonial theory,

Andreica, Oana - Readings in Numanities, ebook

Readings in Numanities

Andreica, Oana


A Semiotic Analysis of the Songs Calvi Aravi and Rey Don Alonso in Francisco de Salina’s de Musica Libri Septem: The Construction and Deconstruction of Cultural Identities in the Transition Between Muslim and Catholic Spain
Ricardo Nogueira Castro Monteiro

Tymieniecka, A-T. - Existence, Historical Fabulation, Destiny, ebook

Existence, Historical Fabulation, Destiny

Tymieniecka, A-T.


Being is Believing: The Underpinnings of Walter Benjamin’s Deconstruction of Historicism
Bruce Ross
15. Historic Fabulation and T. S . Eliot’s “Little Lidding”
Bernadette Prochaska
16. Harmonious Balance as the Ultimate Reality in Artistic and