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Momma, Haruko - A Companion to the History of the English Language, ebook

A Companion to the History of the English Language

Momma, Haruko


A Companion to the History of the English Language addresses the linguistic, cultural, social, and literary approaches to language study. The first text to offer a complete survey of the field, this volume provides the most up-to-date insights of leading international scholars.An accessible

UNKNOWN - British Sign Language For Dummies, ebook

British Sign Language For Dummies



Learn British Sign Language quickly and easily with this essential guide and CD-Rom
This lively guide introduces the key hand shapes and gestures you need to communicate in British Sign Language. The illustrations depict both the actions and

Cook, Amy - Shakespearean Neuroplay, ebook

Shakespearean Neuroplay

Cook, Amy


Table of contents
1. Who’s There?
Amy Cook
2. Linguistic Synaesthesia
Amy Cook
3. Mirror ∣ Mirror; Mirror ∣ rorriM
Amy Cook
4. Meaning Superflux—A Cognitive Linguistic Reading of Hamlet
Amy Cook
5. Play’s the…

Northrup, David - How English Became the Global Language, ebook

How English Became the Global Language

Northrup, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Disciplines, Perspectives, Debates, and Overview
David Northrup
2. The Language of the British Isles
David Northrup
3. The Language of North America
David Northrup
4. English in Imperial Asia and Africa
David Northrup
5. Cultural Worlds
David Northrup