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Davies, Winifred V. - Language Planning and Microlinguistics, ebook

Language Planning and Microlinguistics

Davies, Winifred V.


Language Planning and Microlinguistics: Introduction
Winifred V. Davies, Evelyn Ziegler
Part I. Education
2. Bilingual Kindergarten Programmes: the Interaction of Language Management and Language Attitudes
Astrid Rothe, Katarina Wagner
3. Language

Langston, Keith - Language Planning and National Identity in Croatia, ebook

Language Planning and National Identity in Croatia

Langston, Keith


Croatian Language Policy and Planning in the 1990s and Beyond
5. Language Rights and the Treatment of Croatian on the International Level
Keith Langston, Anita Peti-Stantić
6. Croatian Language Policy at the National Level and the Regulation of Public Language