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Sundqvist, Pia - Extramural English in Teaching and Learning, ebook

Extramural English in Teaching and Learning

Sundqvist, Pia


Table of contents
Part I. From Practice to Theory and Research
1. Introduction
Pia Sundqvist, Liss Kerstin Sylvén
2. Global and Extramural English: Classroom Challenges
Pia Sundqvist, Liss Kerstin Sylvén
3. English in Schools from…

Liddicoat, Anthony J. - Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning, ebook

Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning

Liddicoat, Anthony J.


This wide-ranging survey of issues in intercultural language teaching and learning covers everything from core concepts to program evaluation, and advocates a fluid, responsive approach to teaching language that reflects its central role in fostering intercultural understanding.Includes

Sockett, Geoffrey - The Online Informal Learning of English, ebook

The Online Informal Learning of English

Sockett, Geoffrey


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Geoffrey Sockett
2. Informal Learning and Languages
Geoffrey Sockett
3. The Practices of OILE
Geoffrey Sockett
4. Language Acquisition from Online Informal Learning Activities
Geoffrey Sockett
5. The Theoretical Implications of OILE
Geoffrey Sockett

Lacorte, Manel - Multiliteracies Pedagogy and Language Learning, ebook

Multiliteracies Pedagogy and Language Learning

Lacorte, Manel


A Match Made in Heaven: An Introduction to Learning by Design and Its Role in Heritage Language Education
Gabriela C. Zapata
2. Designing a Comprehensive Curriculum for Advanced Spanish Heritage Learners: Contributions from the Multiliteracies Framework

Peterson, Mark - Computer Games and Language Learning, ebook

Computer Games and Language Learning

Peterson, Mark


Computer Games and Language Learning: Theoretical Rationales
Mark Peterson
5. Early Research on the Use of Computer Games in CALL: An Overview
Mark Peterson
6. Recent Studies on Computer Gaming in CALL: An Analysis of Findings
Mark Peterson

Nunan, David - Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, ebook

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching

Nunan, David


Assessment for Learning in English Language Classrooms in China: Contexts, Problems, and Solutions
Jun Liu, Yueting Xu
3. Learning to Speak in an Exam-Focused World: A Study of Independent Language Learning in China
Don Snow, Olivia Sun, Xu Li
4. Innovations