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Aljoe, Nicole N. - Creole Testimonies, ebook

Creole Testimonies

Aljoe, Nicole N.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nicole N. Aljoe
2. The Forms of Creole Testimony: A Poetics of Fragmentation
Nicole N. Aljoe
3. The Creole Voices of West Indian Slave Narratives
Nicole N. Aljoe
4. “Going to Law”: Legal Discourse and Testimony in Early West Indian Slave Narratives

Coleman, Philip - George Saunders, ebook

George Saunders

Coleman, Philip


Everyday Zombies: Ethics and the Contemporary in “Sea Oak” and “Brad Carrigan, American”
Michael Trussler
13. “Third-person Ventriloquism”: Microdialogues and Polyphony in George Saunders’s “Victory Lap”
Robert Cameron Wilson
14. “A