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Holohan, Conn - Masculinity and Irish Popular Culture, ebook

Masculinity and Irish Popular Culture

Holohan, Conn


‘He’s a Good Soldier, He Cares About the Future’: Post-Feminist Masculinities, the IRA Man and ‘Peace’ in Northern Ireland
Sarah Edge
16. Pure Male: Masculine Spaces and Stasis in Eugene O’Brien’s Pure Mule (2005)
Barry Monahan
Part V.

Szefel, Lisa - The Gospel of Beauty in the Progressive Era, ebook

The Gospel of Beauty in the Progressive Era

Szefel, Lisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lisa Szefel
2. Genteel Designs, Modern Renovations: Poetics and the Poetic Community from Hearth to Dynamo
Lisa Szefel
3. Reforming Verse, Uplifting Society: The Labor Theory of Poetic Value
Lisa Szefel
4. Curating a Community, Engineering a Renaissance: A New Infrastructure