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Florschuetz, Angela - Marking Maternity in Middle English Romance, ebook

Marking Maternity in Middle English Romance

Florschuetz, Angela


Forgetting Eleanor: Richard Coer de Lyon and England’s Maternal Aporia
Angela Florschuetz
6. Monstrous Maternity and the Mother-Mark: Melusine as Genealogical Phantom
Angela Florschuetz
7. Afterword: Abjection and the Mother at the End of this Book

Spector, Sheila A. - The Jews and British Romanticism, ebook

The Jews and British Romanticism

Spector, Sheila A.


Following the Muse: Inspiration, Prophecy, and Deference in the Poetry of Emma Lyon (1788–1870), Anglo-Jewish Poet
Michael Scrivener
7. Identity, Diaspora, and the Secular Voice in the Works of Isaac D’Israeli
Stuart Peterfreund
8. Anglo-Jewish

Collins, K. K. - George Eliot, ebook

George Eliot

Collins, K. K.


Lillie, George Grove, Marion Adams-Acton, John Bright, Lyon Playfair, Francis Heuffer, Moncure Daniel Conway, Mary Gladstone Drew, John Callcott Horsley, George Tinworth, Oscar Browning, Mrs Humphry Ward, Reginald Baliol Brett, Henry Jackson, Richard Claverhouse Jebb,