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Allan, Kathryn - Disability in Science Fiction, ebook

Disability in Science Fiction

Allan, Kathryn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kathryn Allan
2. Tools to Help You Think
Joanne Woiak, Hioni Karamanos
3. Freaks and Extraordinary Bodies
Ria Cheyne
4. The Many Voices of Charlie Gordon
Howard Sklar
5. The Metamorphic Body in Science Fiction
António Fernando Cascais
6. Prosthetic

Jones, Adele - Sarah Waters and Contemporary Feminisms, ebook

Sarah Waters and Contemporary Feminisms

Jones, Adele


Quick and Queer: Love-Life-Writing in Orlando and Affinity
Kathryn Simpson
4. ‘Accompanied by Ghosts’: The Changing Uses of the Past in Sarah Waters’s Lesbian Fiction
Natasha Alden
Part II. Second-Wave

Eagleton, Mary - The History of British Women’s Writing, 1970-Present, ebook

The History of British Women’s Writing, 1970-Present

Eagleton, Mary


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mary Eagleton, Emma Parker
Part I. Women and Literary Culture
2. Fiction: From Realism to Postmodernism and Beyond
Clare Hanson
3. Poetry on Page and Stage
Jane Dowson
4. Mrs Worthington’s Daughters: Drama
Gabriele Griffin
5. Media Old and New

Oliver, Kathleen M. - Samuel Richardson, Dress, and Discourse, ebook

Samuel Richardson, Dress, and Discourse

Oliver, Kathleen M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kathleen M. Oliver
Part I. The Body and Dress of Thought
2. Dress and the Discourses of the Mind
Kathleen M. Oliver
3. Dress in 18th-Century English Life and Literature
Kathleen M. Oliver
Part II. Dressing for Success with Pamela
4. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Servants:

Samuels, Shirley - Facing America : Iconography and the Civil War, ebook

Facing America : Iconography and the Civil War

Samuels, Shirley


Facing America: Iconography and the Civil War investigates and explains the changing face of America during the Civil War. To conjure a face for the nation, author Shirley Samuels also explores the body of the nation imagined both physically and metaphorically, arguing that the Civil War