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Ryan, Michael - An Introduction to Criticism: Literature - Film - Culture, ebook

An Introduction to Criticism: Literature - Film - Culture

Ryan, Michael


An accessible and thorough introduction to literary theory and contemporary critical practice, this book is an essential resource for beginning students of literary criticism. Covers traditional approaches such as formalism and structuralism, as well as more recent developments in criticism

Baker, Peter S. - Introduction to Old English, ebook

Introduction to Old English

Baker, Peter S.


Featuring numerous updates and additional anthology selections, the 3rd edition of Introduction to Old English confirms its reputation as a leading text designed to help students engage with Old English literature for the first time.
A new edition of one of the most popular introductions

Flannagan, Roy - John Milton: A Short Introduction, ebook

John Milton: A Short Introduction

Flannagan, Roy


In this compelling first volume in the Blackwell Introductions to Literature series, Roy Flannagan, editor of The Milton Quarterly, provides a readable and uncluttered critical account of a complicated and sophisticated author, and his poetry and prose.
Puts John Milton under the microscope,

Giles, Paul - American World Literature: An Introduction, ebook

American World Literature: An Introduction

Giles, Paul


A scholarly review of American world literature from early times to the postmodernist era
American World Literature: An Introduction explores how the subject of American Literature has evolved from a national into a global phenomenon. As the author, Paul Giles – a noted expert on the

Kelly, Catriona - Russian Literature: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

Russian Literature: A Very Short Introduction

Kelly, Catriona


This book is intended to capture the interest of anyone who has been attracted to Russian culture through the greats of Russian literature, either through the texts themselves, or encountering them in the cinema, or opera. Rather than a conventional chronology…

Gaisser, Julia Haig - Catullus, ebook


Gaisser, Julia Haig


This sophisticated literary and historical introduction brings Catullus to life for the modern reader and presents his poetry in all its variety of emotions, subjects, and styles. Places Catullus in a social, historical, and literary context Examines Catallus's style

Eagleton, Terry - Literary Theory: An Introduction, ebook

Literary Theory: An Introduction

Eagleton, Terry


A quarter of a century on from its original publication, Literary Theory: An Introduction still conjures the subversion, excitement and exoticism that characterized theory through the 1960s and 70s, when it posed an unprecedented challenge to the literary establishment. Eagleton has added

Trotter, Mary - Modern Irish Theatre, ebook

Modern Irish Theatre

Trotter, Mary


Analysing major Irish dramas and the artists and companies that performed them, Modern Irish Theatre provides an engaging and accessible introduction to twentieth-century Irish theatre: its origins, dominant themes, relationship to politics and culture, and influence on theatre movements

Eagleton, Terry - The English Novel: An Introduction, ebook

The English Novel: An Introduction

Eagleton, Terry


Written by one of the world’s leading literary theorists, this book provides a wide-ranging, accessible and humorous introduction to the English novel from Daniel Defoe to the present day.

Covers the works of major authors, including Daniel Defoe, Henry Fielding, Samuel