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Levi, Primo - The Voice of Memory: Interviews 1961 - 1987, ebook

The Voice of Memory: Interviews 1961 - 1987

Levi, Primo


Over the course of more than twenty-five years, Primo Levi gave more than two hundred newspaper, journal, radio and television interviews speaking with such varied authors as Philip Roth and Germaine Greer. Marco Belpoliti and Robert Gordon have selected and translated thirty-six of the

Collins, K. K. - George Eliot, ebook

George Eliot

Collins, K. K.


Table of contents
1. Mary Anne Evans 1819–49
J. W. Cross, George Eliot, Alfred L. Scrivener, Mathilde Blind, Elizabeth M. Bruce, Frederic R. Evans, Edgar L. Wakeman, Robert Evans, Charles Bray, Mary Sibree Cash, Moncure Daniel Conway, Louis…

Orel, Harold - William Wordsworth, ebook

William Wordsworth

Orel, Harold


Table of contents
1. Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)
Harold Orel
2. Charles Lamb (1775–1834)
Harold Orel
3. Thomas de Quincey (1785–1859)
Harold Orel
4. William Hazlitt (1778–1830)
Harold Orel
5. James Henry…

Wasowski, Richard P. - CliffsNotes On Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook, ebook

CliffsNotes On Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook

Wasowski, Richard P.


A traditional CliffsNotes lit guide but with a flair!
The study guide includes:A printed interview with SparksComments throughout by SparksAuthor backgroundIntroduction to the novelList of charactersSummaries and CommentariesCharacter analysesCritical Essays

Cucinella, Catherine - Poetics of the Body, ebook

Poetics of the Body

Cucinella, Catherine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Catherine Cucinella
2. Theorizing the Body
Catherine Cucinella
3. Textual and Corporeal Convergence
Catherine Cucinella
4. “Dress Up! Dress Up and Dance at Carnival!”
Catherine Cucinella
5. Writing the Body Palimpsest
Catherine Cucinella
6. Narrative

Saadawi, Nawal - Diary of a Child Called Souad, ebook

Diary of a Child Called Souad

Saadawi, Nawal


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why is Nawal El Saadawi Banned?
Nawal Saadawi
2. Author’s Introduction
Nawal Saadawi
3. Diary of a Child Called Souad
Nawal Saadawi
4. Nawal El Saadawi and a History of Oppression: Brief Biographical Facts
Nawal Saadawi
5. Interview with Nawal El Saadawi