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Vernon, Mark - After Atheism, ebook

After Atheism

Vernon, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mark Vernon
2. Socrates’ Quest: the Beginning of Wisdom
Mark Vernon
3. Cosmologists and Darwinists: the Limits of Science
Mark Vernon
4. Visions of Reality: Science and Wonder
Mark Vernon
5. Bad Faith: Religion as Certainty
Mark Vernon
6. Christian

Pérez, Kristina - The Myth of Morgan La Fey, ebook

The Myth of Morgan La Fey

Pérez, Kristina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kristina Pérez
2. How to Handle a Woman: Perversion or Psychosis?
Kristina Pérez
3. Courtly Masochism
Kristina Pérez
4. Monstrous Mothers: Morgan La Fey and Mélusine
Kristina Pérez
5. Divine Mothers: Morgan, the Dame Du Lac, and the Virgin Mary

Eagleton, Terry - The English Novel: An Introduction, ebook

The English Novel: An Introduction

Eagleton, Terry


Written by one of the world’s leading literary theorists, this book provides a wide-ranging, accessible and humorous introduction to the English novel from Daniel Defoe to the present day.

Covers the works of major authors, including Daniel Defoe, Henry Fielding, Samuel Richardson, Laurence Sterne, Walter Scott,

Rzepka, Charles J. - A Companion to Crime Fiction, ebook

A Companion to Crime Fiction

Rzepka, Charles J.


A Companion to Crime Fiction presents the definitive guide to this popular genre from its origins in the eighteenth century to the present day
A collection of forty-seven newly commissioned essays from a team of leading scholars across the globe make this Companion the definitive guide to crime fiction Follows

Blake, Liza - Lucretius and Modernity, ebook

Lucretius and Modernity

Blake, Liza


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jacques Lezra, Liza Blake
Part 1. What Is Modern about Lucretius?
2. Michel Serres’s Non-Modern Lucretius: Manifold Reason and the Temporality of Reception
Brooke Holmes
3. Lucretius and the Symptomatology of Modernism
Joseph Farrell
4. Lucretius the Physicist