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Currie, Mark - The Invention of Deconstruction, ebook

The Invention of Deconstruction

Currie, Mark


Deconstruction and Critical Authority
5. Derrida and the Authority of Linguistics
Mark Currie
6. The Ventriloquism of Paul de Man
Mark Currie
Part IV. Philosophy, Literature and Responsibility
7. Metaphor and the Invention of Truth
Mark Currie

Wise, Christopher - Chomsky and Deconstruction, ebook

Chomsky and Deconstruction

Wise, Christopher


Table of contents
1. The Politics of Unconscious Knowledge
Christopher Wise
2. Cerebral Hermeneutics
Christopher Wise
3. The Ungiven-Given
Christopher Wise
4. Locke’s “Misreading” of Descartes and Other Fairy Tales

Cuddon, J. A. - Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory, ebook

Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory

Cuddon, J. A.


With new entries and sensitive edits, this fifth edition places J.A. Cuddon’s indispensable dictionary firmly in the 21st Century.Written in a clear and highly readable style Comprehensive historical coverage extending from ancient times to the…

Cunningham, Valentine - Victorian Poets: A Critical Reader, ebook

Victorian Poets: A Critical Reader

Cunningham, Valentine


Victorian Poets: A Critical Reader features a collection of critical essays focusing on various aspects of Victorian-era poetry from the 1830s to the 1890s.Presents key criticism on Victorian poetryFeatures contributions from a variety of scholars in…

Lucy, Niall - Dictionary of Postmodernism, ebook

Dictionary of Postmodernism

Lucy, Niall


Explores the names and ideas that have come to define the postmodern condition – from Baudrillard, Jameson, and Lyotard, to the concepts of deconstruction, meta-narrative, and simulation – alongside less canonical topics such as dialogue and punk Includes

Blacker, Sarah - A Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory, ebook

A Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory

Blacker, Sarah


This Companion addresses the contemporary transformation of critical and cultural theory, with special emphasis on the way debates in the field have changed in recent decades. Features original essays from an international team of cultural theorists…

Thomas, Michael - The Reception of Derrida, ebook

The Reception of Derrida

Thomas, Michael


Interpretation and Overinterpretation: Deconstruction in America
Michael Thomas
4. The Deconstruction of a Pedagogical Institution: Derrida and ‘The Principle of Reason’
Michael Thomas
5. The Postmodern Political

Hawkins, Ty - Reading Vietnam Amid the War on Terror, ebook

Reading Vietnam Amid the War on Terror

Hawkins, Ty


Philip Caputo’s Deconstruction of the Warrior-Hero Ideal
Ty Hawkins
3. Michael Herr’s Dispatches and the Allure of Combat
Ty Hawkins
4. The Perversion of Labor in Larry Heinemann’s Vietnam
Ty Hawkins
5. Tim O’Brien’s Search for an

Pitcher, John A. - Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects, ebook

Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects

Pitcher, John A.


Introduction: Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects: Feminism, Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis
John A. Pitcher
2. Figures of Desire in The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale
John A. Pitcher
3. The Rhetoric of Desire in The Franklin’s Tale
John A. Pitcher