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Colby, Georgina - Bret Easton Ellis, ebook

Bret Easton Ellis

Colby, Georgina


Missing Persons: Melancholy as Symptom in Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction and The Informers
Georgina Colby
3. An Inner Critique: Commodity Fetishism, Systemic Violence, and the Abstract Mutilated Subject in American Psycho
Georgina Colby

Bradford, Richard - Teaching Theory, ebook

Teaching Theory

Bradford, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The History and Present Condition of Theory — A Brief Account
Richard Bradford
2. Teaching Theory
Vincent B. Leitch
3. The Resistance to History: Teaching in the Present
Andrew Hadfield
4. The Attractions of Theory
Jill Bihan
5. Syntactics — Semantics

Smith, Margaret - Selected Letters of Charlotte Brontë, ebook

Selected Letters of Charlotte Brontë

Smith, Margaret


An intimate insight into Charlotte Brontë's life at Haworth Parsonage, her experiences in a Belgian school, and her passionate attraction to Constantin Heger, husband of the school's directress. We learn of the astonishing success of Jane Eyre, Charlotte's agony over the early death of