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Fazel, Valerie M. - The Shakespeare User, ebook

The Shakespeare User

Fazel, Valerie M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Shakespeare User
Valerie M. Fazel, Louise Geddes
2. South of Elsinore: Actions that a Man Might Play
Matthew Harrison, Michael Lutz
3. Beyond The Tempest: Language, Legitimacy, and La Frontera
Ruben Espinosa
4. Young Turks or Corporate Clones? Cognitive Capitalism

Ashton, Gail - Medieval Afterlives in Popular Culture, ebook

Medieval Afterlives in Popular Culture

Ashton, Gail


The YouTube Prioress: Anti-Semitism and Twenty-First Century Participatory Culture
Candace Barrington
3. Animated Conversations in Nottingham: Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)
Andrew Lynch
4. Virginia Woolf’s Middle Ages
Steve Ellis
5. Dario Fo’s

Marx, Peter W. - Hamlet-Handbuch, ebook


Marx, Peter W.


Table of contents
A. Der Text
1. Saxo Grammaticus
Heiko Uecker
2. François de Belleforest
Ralf Haekel
3. Der Ur-Hamlet
Ralf Haekel
4. Hamlet-Ausgaben
Dieter Mehl
5. Musik in Hamlet
Susanne Rupp
6. Der Bestrafte Brudermord
Ralf Haekel
7. Die deutschsprachigen Hamlet-Bearbeitungen