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Thurston, Michael - Reading Postwar British and Irish Poetry, ebook

Reading Postwar British and Irish Poetry

Thurston, Michael


Combining detailed explorations of both mainstream and experimental poets with a clear historical and literary overview, Reading Postwar British and Irish Poetry offers readers at all levels an ideal guide to the rich body of poetic works published in…

Chinitz, David E. - A Companion to Modernist Poetry, ebook

A Companion to Modernist Poetry

Chinitz, David E.


Offering a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the field, A Companion to Modernist Poetry provides readers with detailed discussions of individual poets, ‘schools’ and ‘movements’ within modernist poetry, and the cultural and…

Rabate, Jean-Michael - 1913: The Cradle of Modernism, ebook

1913: The Cradle of Modernism

Rabate, Jean-Michael


Broadens the analysis of canonical texts and artistic events by showing their cultural and global parallels Examines a number of simultaneous artistic, literary, and political endeavours including those of Yeats, Pound, Joyce, Du Bois and Stravinsky Explores

Hair, Ross - Ronald Johnson’s Modernist Collage Poetry, ebook

Ronald Johnson’s Modernist Collage Poetry

Hair, Ross


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ross Hair
2. Johnson’s New Transcendentalism
Ross Hair
3. Luminous Detail: Ezra Pound and Collage
Ross Hair
4. Visual Integrity in The Book of the Green Man
Ross Hair
5. Johnson’s Different Musics
Ross Hair
6. Orphic Apocrypha: Radi os and the

Tonning, Erik - Modernism and Christianity, ebook

Modernism and Christianity

Tonning, Erik


Table of contents
1. Rethinking ‘Modernism and Christianity’
Erik Tonning
2. Catholic Modernisms: James Joyce and David Jones
Erik Tonning
3. Old Dogmas for a New Crisis? Hell, Usury and Incarnation in T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and W. H. Auden
Erik Tonning
4. Samuel Beckett, Modernism and Christianity

Mahaffey, Vicki - Modernist Literature: Challenging Fictions, ebook

Modernist Literature: Challenging Fictions

Mahaffey, Vicki


This inclusive guide to Modernist literature considers the ‘high’ Modernist writers such as Eliot, Joyce, Pound and Yeats alongside women writers and writers of the Harlem Renaissance.
Challenges the idea that Modernism was conservative and reactionary. Relates the modernist

Hakutani, Yoshinobu - Haiku and Modernist Poetics, ebook

Haiku and Modernist Poetics

Hakutani, Yoshinobu


Ezra Pound, Imagism, and Japanese Poetics
Yoshinobu Hakutani
7. Jack Kerouac’s Haiku and Beat Poetics
Yoshinobu Hakutani
8. Richard Wright’s Haiku, Zen, and the African “Primal Outlook upon Life”
Yoshinobu Hakutani
9. Cross-Cultural

Whitworth, Michael H. - Reading Modernist Poetry, ebook

Reading Modernist Poetry

Whitworth, Michael H.


Eliot, Ezra Pound, W. B. Yeats, and others Considers key techniques employed to orient and disorient the reader, such as diction, rhythm, and allusion Explores the ideological implications of subject matter and the literary forms and structures of modernist poetry Places